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Exclusive Jokipii linen products delivered free to the UK!

Jokipii linen products are manufactured in Finland from the finest raw materials nature can provide.  Take care of them and they will be a joy for many years to come!

Jokipiin Pellava Limited was founded in 1920 as a family company. It is a linen textile mill, specialising in weaving linen terry, manufacturing various textiles for bath, kitchen and table decor as well as logo and name embroidery.
Table runners.

All Jokipii table runners measure 45 x 140 cm and are made to the highest exacting standards and quality.  Available in a range of stunning designs and colours.   Ideal as gifts for family and friends.

Linen table runners: £45 each or 2 for £80 including FREE delivery! 


. . . quality and craftsmanship for your kitchen . . .

Kitchen towels / place mats / napkins.
Aika kitchen towels measure  45 x 55 cm

Multifunctionality! Jokipii quality kitchen towels can also be used as place mats or napkins! 

Linen towels, place mats or napkins: £15 each or set of 6 for £80 including FREE delivery!

. . . and so to the bathroom . . .

Liituraita wash mittens and back rubs

Liituraita product line - design Anu Saari - new stunning colours deep black and feminine pink. Other colours: natural with white stripes and off-white with natural linen colour stripes.  Using Jokipii's linen terry wash mittens or back rubs in the bath or shower not only cleans the skin, but also massages it and stimulates superficial blood circulation.

 Wash mittens: £12 each or 2 for £20.  Back rubs: £14 each or 2 for £25 including FREE delivery!


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